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A Generator’s Necessity in Every Crisis

As society’s dependence on electricity grows, a generator’s impact becomes imperative; its’ critical nature has never been more apparent than now. For one example, more and more automobile companies are turning their vehicles electric. If primary power lines were to go down due to violent weather, there would be no way to charge an electric car, or other personal and professional needs sufficiently.

In day-to-day business operations, companies must have access to constant power to maintain work connections, machinery, equipment and meetings over the internet or phone. How electrical power disappears is an endless and growing conundrum that affects all aspects of life.

Luckily, investing in and properly maintaining a generator is as sensical financially as it is necessary for daily responsibilities. At a projected 5.13% growth between 2021-2028, your investment would more than return over time. The value and need of generators will not decline, so contact Unity Power Services for installation and maintenance.

Reasons to Install a Generator

1. Unpredictable Weather

The weather is a potential threat you can’t discern or predict. There may be educated guesses as to various patterns or intensity, but at the end of the day, the weather will do what it wants. Recent scientific trends have shown that weather variability and its unusual properties will only worsen with time. The realities of climate change are more pronounced than ever.

Since weather cannot be accounted for, the best you can do to prepare is plan. The first step in planning is ensuring backup options for all essential items and equipment, especially in a mission critical environment. Possibly the most important, a generator for electrical outages should be your top priority.

2. Problems with the Electric Grid

A prominent example of how the electric grid is growing is increased adoption of electric vehicles. Besides this, an increased number of power lines have been installed throughout the country as phones and other electric devices become more widely used. As reliance on electricity grows, power production is failing to meet demand. The electric grid is further at risk as some power lines age, climate continues to change, and the power plant fleet migrates to green.

Some states and cities’ governments are requiring residents to use less electricity to make up for this issue. They hope to spread electricity thin enough that they don’t overpower the system and create a power outage. Plus, with limited electricity, they are trying to divert the power to places of need, such as hospitals. As the likelihood of power outages increases with increased demand, a generator would be the only way to combat electrical shortages, and many of these new restrictions are being set with little to no notice. Therefore, it’s imperative to install the generator before the electrical grid is overpowered and malfunctions or restrictions begin in your community.

3. Safety in Emergencies

By law, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and apartment complexes must have a backup power source. Without, there could be fatal accidents and desperate measures. Hospitals’ life-support and surgical capabilities would be compromised. Assisted living facilities and apartment complexes have similar technology to help their residents function properly and prosper. A power outage could be the difference between life and death, for the elderly, and extreme temperatures can quickly cause physical issues at any age. Lack of lighting and security systems also increases risk.

Although back up power sources are not required by law, some of these same safety concerns can exist for single family homes and businesses.

4. Business Continuity

A generator is a must for any business to avoid safety issues, angry customers, failed communications, lost productivity and income loss. If the power were to go out during business hours, no work could be accomplished. Ramping back up once power is back online also comes with resource challenges, costs and potentially inventory loss.

Installing and maintaining a generator for business is an easy low-cost solution considering the savings it would provide. Having done a cost analysis, many businesses have backup systems and plans in place that include a generator, from farming, to dentists’ offices to laboratories and even solar power plants. If you are looking to buy one reach out and we’ll help you crunch the numbers. For maintenance, ask about our service plan.

Contact Us Today

Generators have become a required part of modern business, residential, and emergency functioning. Unity Power Services is here for all your generator installation, maintenance, and service needs.

To learn more about how we can serve you, submit a contact form or call us at

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