Tips for Generator Maintenance

Out of sight, out of mind: Most don't think about their backup generators until they're experiencing an actual power outage. However, your generator is essential for maintaining your home's power and keeping your family safe in an emergency. Proper generator maintenance will ensure that your equipment runs smoothly when you most need it.

Do Generators Require Maintenance?

Generator maintenance and cleaning are essential because they can increase the generator's life expectancy. If you neglect to maintain your generator, it could lead to premature failure, especially if it was not installed correctly. Safety-wise, maintenance, and servicing are essential to generator performance and can even reduce overall costs. You could be at risk of a fire hazard if your generator or supply pipes heat up too quickly or your electrical system is not working correctly. A faulty generator could also cause deadly carbon monoxide and other dangerous gasses to leak into your living area.

If you take care of it properly, you can expect your generator to last for 30,000 hours, or roughly 20 years of service. Routine maintenance is required to check the engine, change the oil, and install spark plugs and filters regularly.

Routine Maintenance Checklists

Here is a generator maintenance checklist to help you get the best out of your backup generator.

Weekly Generator Maintenance Checklist

You should follow this checklist weekly and every time you use the backup generator. Before the maintenance check, ensure the generator is clean and free of pests. Then, run the generator for about half an hour during your weekly maintenance. After that, you can perform the following checks:

● Pay attention to any alarming sounds. You should hear the generator's soft purring sound without banging or rattling.

● Take the fuel and fluid levels into account.

● Inspect the pipes and unit to ensure that the fuel is not leaking.

● Check for smoke and ensure that the pipes and unit are not too hot.

Monthly Generator Maintenance Checklist

You should perform generator maintenance every month. However, if your generator is used frequently, you may have to go through this checklist more often.

● Ensure that the generator is kept clean by checking the port lids for dirt and sediment.

● Take the oil and coolant levels into account.

● Do a load test lasting one hour.

● Check that the battery charger works properly.

● If you have used the oil for more than 100 hours, it is time to change the oil.

● If you have used the generator more than 200 hours in a row, replace the air filter and plugs.

● If you haven't used your generator for a while, drain the fuel and replace it.

Annual Generator Maintenance Checklist

You should inspect the generator's electrical and air supply systems yearly. This inspection requires more technical knowledge than the weekly or monthly inspections. Missing something could have severe implications for your generator's functionality and condition. If you are not confident enough to maintain your home generator properly, hiring professionals for an annual inspection is best. You should schedule service once a year if you are a frequent generator user or forget to do routine maintenance every week and monthly to avoid a breakdown.

You or a technician should perform the following tasks during your annual checks:

● Replace the spark plugs.

● Turn off the power supply, and then inspect and clean the electrical system.

● Ensure the air supply system has been cleaned and cleared before replacing the filter.

● Change the oil.

● Dispose of the coolant.

● Verify that the switch on the transfer is working correctly.

● It is a good idea also to run the generator for several hours to ensure that everything works correctly and that there is no smoke or leaks.

Trust Unity Power Services

Having a backup generator ensures you and your family are out of harm's way when a storm hits and there is a loss of power. Start preparing now! Unity Power Services is here for all your generator installation, maintenance, and service needs.

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