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We Asked Our Customers - Do Our Core Values Make a Difference? | Unity Power Services

Curious about how our values impact what we do for commercial businesses? Hear

from a current customer on their experience with Unity Power Services.

Safety. Professionalism. Respect

Core values are the guiding principles in an organization. They are the fundamental beliefs that shape the behavior of a company’s employees and determine how they interact with customers. Core values provide a sense of direction, purpose, and unity within the organization. It is essential for businesses to embrace core values if they want to make sure their employees and customers feel valued.

You’ve likely heard us mention our core values a time or two. We’re passionate about truly living them, to the best of our abilities. They form our culture, guide our priorities, and are a critical part of how we operate as a team.

Equally as important to the team at Unity Power Services is how we serve our customers. We believe that staying true to our core values shows in our work, and enables us to best serve them.

Studies show that having a set of core values gives customers an idea of what to expect when dealing with your business. These values demonstrate that you care about providing quality services while also caring about their experience as customers. This helps gain trust since they know that you will strive to meet their expectations every time they interact with your business.

But, do our customers truly benefit from our living our core values? Can they see the difference in working with us? Are we positively impacting their business as we aim to do?

To find out, we ask. And we are grateful to those customers who let us share their story about working with us. These success stories reinforce our commitment to our core values and making an impact.

If you are trying to build your organizational culture, we hope you find this motivating. And if you have projects that look like these and would love these kinds of results, please contact our CEO. We’d love to create some solutions together.

Customer Role: Director

Company: Global provider of technology infrastructure solutions

Project: Power wiring and conduit install for mission critical project involving secure storage

Excerpts from our conversation around two key questions.

  1. Were Unity Power Services core values of Safety, Respect and Professionalism apparent in working with us?

Customer response:

  • Our data center customer is one of the most safety conscious we know, with very stringent requirements. UPS was easily able to satisfy the requirements. It didn’t phase them at all.

  • You always know the type of service and work quality you’re going to get. The whole team is consistent in the service they provide, from project to project. It makes my life a lot easier.

  • The respect is very obvious in the way they treat people. Customers, our end customers, and each other. I’ve seen the CEO get dirty with the guys and you could see the respect that created.

  • The lead techs are willing to get into the details, and the apprentices are super personable and sharp.

2. What impact have they made on your business?

Customer response:

  • They have the ability to level things out on project, among the different people involved. They always come with a good understanding of the scope of work. We had one scenario where there was a budget issue that was no one’s fault, and UPS truly partnered with us on a solution and delivered seamlessly.

  • We know they will perform in high pressure situations because we have seen them do it.

  • Their good work helps us win projects!

  • We highly recommend Unity Power Services. A 10!

We are grateful to work with customers like these, and grateful for all of the UPS team. We couldn’t get these results without dedication to our core values from each and every one of our team members.

If you want to discuss a project, or would like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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