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In our years of working with property managers, facility engineers, and operational leaders, we’ve earned the trust of our commercial clients because we are easy to work with, go above and beyond to meet your needs, and always deliver on budget commitments. 


From senior living facilities to retail spaces, hospitality venues, and nurseries, commercial clients come to us for installs, repairs, and design builds. In every scenario, quickly understanding the issue and working rapidly means your business is up and running faster. We start with our rapid response times, with experts on-site within 24 hours. We also use an automated system to track projects and ensure communication at every step. Additionally, we double and triple-check our work to make certain there are no billing issues and that everything we do is up to code and ready for inspection. 


Safety is a top priority for our employees and our clients. We have weekly toolbox talks to cover safety procedures to keep everyone out of harm’s way. Even during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we stayed in constant communication with our commercial clients and implemented new processes to keep our team, our clients, and everyone involved safe to minimize health risks. We leveraged our engineering experience to design safe and effective workarounds to meet tight deadlines without compromising our employees, our clients, or our high-quality work.


Unity Power Services provides the solutions your business needs to maintain operations and plan for the future. We understand that your time and budget are of the essence, which is why our team provides solutions that stick to your target investments and deliver top-quality results the first time around.


Our commercial services include:


  • Budget & Capacity planning

  • Design-build electrical solutions

  • Full service electrical installation, maintenance and repair

  • Infrared Scan and preventative maintenance

  • Office equipment move, add / changes

  • Generator sales, installation and service

  • UPS sales, installation and service

  • System furniture circuitry and connections

  • Supplemental metering systems

  • IT / Server room/closet turnkey solutions

  • Branch circuitry installation

  • Panelboard installation

  • Raceway installation

  • Underground conduit installation

  • Motor controls, solid state

  • Motor diagnostic and replacement

  • Frequency control drives

  • Power factor corrective devices

  • Surge protection devices

  • Lighting control systems



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