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Mission Critical

Based on our decades of experience, we understand what is required to deliver in mission-critical environments. We have found it can be distilled down to four key factors:


Reliability: We begin by understanding your priorities and goals, keeping your mission objectives in mind. We then match those criteria with best-in-breed technologies and the right resources to ensure we will get the job done to specifications without sacrificing safety. We align on timeframes and deliverables clearly at the start of each project, and then communicate throughout so you never sacrifice the reliability of your infrastructure.


Experience: Since our founding, we have been passionate about employing the proper protocols in mission-critical environments. Unity Power Factor is a measurement of the efficiency of an electrical unit, and was part of the basis of our name. Our knowledge of mission-critical environments, specialized equipment, and MOPs (methods of procedure) ensures our teams are equipped to successfully complete even the most complex projects. We also make recommendations on types of UPS, generators, distribution equipment, and engineering operations to improve PUE.


Flexibility: We know sometimes initial customer requests don’t include every detail. Not only are we skilled at translating customer requirements into clear project plans, we also recognize that unforeseen obstacles may occur. Our teams have the value engineering expertise and project management skills to offer solutions that meet the required changes, never sacrificing quality.


Cost: Ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and total cost of ownership are all considered very early on to maximize your return on capital expenditure. When we create a project proposal, we clearly communicate the scope, timelines, and expectations, always managing to the budget.


Our mission-critical services include:


  • Budget & Capacity planning

  • Design-build electrical solutions

  • Full service electrical installation, maintenance and repair

  • Infrared Scan and preventative maintenance  

  • Critical equipment move, add / changes

  • Generator sales, installation and service

  • UPS sales, installation and service

  • Power distribution units, PDU's

  • Underfloor whips

  • Overhead conveyance

  • Branch circuitry installation

  • Power refresh and upgrades

  • Raceway installation

  • Underground conduit installation

  • Motor controls, solid state

  • Motor diagnostic and replacement

  • Frequency control drives

  • Power factor corrective devices

  • Surge protection devices

  • Lighting control systems


Our master electricians are ready to deliver top-quality services while staying within your budget and timelines. We have the necessary expertise, from solution engineering through project management and delivery to be your trusted partner in your mission-critical environments.


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