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Unity Power Services Sees Strong Demand Despite Supply Chain Issues

Increased prices, shortages, and delayed shipping contribute to electrical contractors’ supply chain issues. Though the outlook is dire, as these problems continue to deteriorate, Unity Power Services finds solutions in the mayhem and actively works to combat such issues. Our priority is client satisfaction, with a strong emphasis on providing expert knowledge and electrical innovation.

Supply Chain Issues Explained

Material shortages have erupted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As resources dwindle, prices rise for the remaining materials. Manufacturing has halted without the resources to develop various products. The high demand is made worse by delayed shipping and infrequent transfers, which are also a consequence of the pandemic. When products are shipped, they face extended delivery time as an overload of cargo ships clog port traffic.

Additionally, labor shortages have cut crew numbers across a multitude of fields. Natural disasters contribute to weakening systems and already tense situations. To avoid these issues, contractors are substituting materials—the result: higher expenses and delayed project completion.

Initiatives by Unity Power Services

Unity Power Services recognizes these issues and the faulty solutions promoted for fixing them. Instead of allowing supply chain issues to stop our electricians, we employ project management and engineering experts to find inventive ways to ensure project completion and design. We work with the client to follow a strict timeline and budget, managing costs early in the process. Open communication and collaboration are a vital part of our mission. Further, our decades of experience and knowledge of mission-critical environments have prepared our experts to work around unforeseen circumstances. We’ve continually pushed through boundaries and researched technological advances throughout the years. We constantly combine reliable practices with new ideas. As a result, our finished projects are attainable, maintainable, and even sustainable. Whether a residential, commercial, industrial, or mission-critical client, you can trust Unity Power Services to be reliable and professional in an ever-changing environment.

Choose the Professionals

Supply chain issues are inevitable, but with proper planning and industry knowledge some challenges can be minimized. Our electricians act fast to solve your electrical issues using timely solutions, budget-friendly materials, and innovative design technology. Unity Power Services is here for all your generator installation, maintenance, and service needs.

To learn more about how we can serve you, submit a contact form or call us at 571-577-0688. We look forward to serving you.



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