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Safety and Its Effect on Workplace Culture

Workplace culture matters. Some of this simply forms organically over time by the interactions of the people who work there, but much of it is guided by the goals, values, and beliefs set out by the company. At Unity Power Services, we don’t leave this up to chance. We live and are directed by principles. One of those guiding principles is Safety. Safety is paramount on any project no matter the size. We will never choose profits over life or property safety.

How does Safety Impact our Work Culture?

Unity Power Services takes every precaution to protect our dedicated technicians. The team brings in over 35 combined years of experience and are fully-certified with OSHA, MSHA, and are accredited in First-Aid. Unity Power Services holds weekly Safety Toolbox talks which entail upcoming project notes and any weather or similar conditions that need to be considered. We also have quarterly All Hands meetings where we have open dialogue about issues, and dig deeper into methods and means of safe work. At these meetings we take time to celebrate safety and highlight employee accomplishments.

This continual training brings a sense of accountability and pride, but it also has direct financial impact for the business. By putting our company’s safety first Unity Power is able to acquire a lower Experience Modification Ra