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Top Tips for Working Safely in Inclement Weather

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

As the temperature drops, wind chills become a factor, and surfaces are covered with ice, working outdoors can be downright treacherous. Winter brings a whole new set of risks people should be aware of - both on and off the job - to ensure the safety of workers.

Unity Power Services is built on three guiding principles: respect, safety, and professionalism. Safety is “paramount on any project no matter the size. We will never choose profits over life or property safety.” To that end, we adhere to the following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for working in winter and inclement weather, and share these for your consideration:

  • Dressing Appropriately - OSHA recommends that outdoor workers should wear “at least three layers of loose-fitting clothing” and our workers are no exception. The reasons being to ventilate, wick moisture away, provide insulation, and resist water and rain.

  • Preventing Slips and Falls - After a winter storm, it is critical to clear ice and snow from walking surfaces and apply deicer as soon as possible to prevent slips and falls.

  • Working at Elevated Heights - Winter weather conditions bring unexpected hazards on roofs and elevated heights, including slippery surfaces due to untreated layers of ice. A roof can also be weighed down by excess snow, putting it at higher risk of collapse. That is why it is inspected by a trained professional on our team to determine if it is structurally safe for our workers. If it is deemed safe, any excess snow is removed (preferably from ground level or an aerial lift). Additionally, our workers are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including fall arrest systems and safety boots, and are trained on their proper use.

  • Repairing and Replacing Power Lines - It is very dangerous to repair or replace power lines in inclement winter weather, thus extra caution is exercised. The main hazards are snow and melting ice, as the moisture reduces protective equipment insulation and could result in electrocution. If possible, power is de-energized to promote safer working conditions.

  • Driving in Winter - While we cannot control the weather or highway conditions, we do promote safe winter driving. Our technicians are trained to recognize potential driving hazards, drive on snow and ice-covered roads, and licensed to operate our vehicles.

Training and Development

The entire Unity Power Services team works together to deliver top-quality service and results to our clients. With more than 35 combined years of experience, our technicians are fully-certified in OSHA and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) procedures and are accredited in First-Aid. Our team members have also completed Master Electrician training, Generac dealer training, and hold APC/Schneider Data Center certifications. We provide ongoing training for technical operations and job site safety which are complemented with mentorship and career growth opportunities for personal development.

At Unity Power Services, unity is not just a name - it’s a principal belief. We are stronger than the sum of our parts. Our team works together to serve each other and clients selflessly and professionally to deliver quality, highly responsive service in every situation. Whether it’s trusting us to come into your home, design or build services for your commercial business, or your mission-critical environment, our team is ready to deliver.

To learn more about how Unity Power Services can serve you, call 571-577-0688 or visit our website.


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