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We Asked Our Customers – How has Unity Power Services Impacted Your Projects?

We strive to live our core values each day at work, even in the smallest details – how we greet one another, how we greet our customers, how we show up to the job site. It impacts how we work together and treat one another. It’s a commitment we make every day. But our goal is broader than that; we want our culture to be a positive impact on our customers, and the projects we complete for them.

We believe that staying true to our core values shows in our work, our relationships, and our attitudes. It enables us to collaborate and innovate since we trust one another and respect one another’s ideas. It drives us to deliver services with the highest level of quality, and to respect our customers’ time, equipment and budgets.

This is part of the culture at UPS. Several studies show that culture impacts not just employee morale and retention, but improved performance as well. As one example, Forbes noted that companies with strong corporate cultures have higher levels of customer satisfaction. When we perform well, we believe we impact our customers workplace too. That is a key goal.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we consistently ask our customers for feedback. Are we indeed having a positive impact on our customers? Here is one customer’s’ response.

We are grateful to those customers who let us share their story about working with us. These success stories reinforce our commitment to our core values.

If you are trying to build your organizational culture, we hope you find this motivating. And if you have projects that look like these and would love these kinds of results, please contact our CEO. We’d love to create some solutions together.

Customer Role: General Contractor – Owner and Investor

Company: Commercial General Contracting

Project: Commercial construction of a self-storage building. Ground up construction of (2) climate-controlled buildings and (4) additional structures with site lighting.  

Excerpts from our conversation around two key questions.

(1) Were Unity Power Services core values of Safety, Respect and Professionalism apparent in working with us?

Customer response:

o I’ve been doing this for 30 years and have met a lot of commercial electrical companies. We started with UPS on some smaller projects initially. Their character, value and safety standards impressed us and built trust. So, we considered them for this larger project. We put them through the qualification process and considered other partners as well. But the competitive pricing, commitment to the customer service, and our past experience with the team led to their selection.

o The CEO is a good honest man. The entire team is personable, respectful, helpful and willing to help out on anything that’s needed. That’s unique.

(2) What impact have they made on your business?

Customer response:

o Every project has its challenges. It’s just part of the business. And when we partner, we need to know we are in this together. The UPS team doesn’t just come and lay a problem at your feet. They help think through it and figure out what’s going to work.

o We have been very pleased with the leadership at UPS. We trust them and that helps us a lot as we need to deliver to our customers.

o They provide good value. The pricing was competitive and they exceeded my expectations. I’d recommend them, and will definitively use them again.

We are grateful to work with customers like these, and grateful for all of the UPS team. We couldn’t get these results without dedication to our core values from each and every one of our team members.

If you want to discuss a project, or would like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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